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Video for Business

Making the most of video without blowing the budget

Date: Thursday 12th March 2015

Venue: Tigerlily, George Street, Edinburgh

Time: 7:45am for 8:00am

At the last Edinburgh New Media Breakfast, we asked the audience to complete a short questionnaire about the topic of future events, thank you to everyone who took part.

 The results are very interesting and they have provided us with a good idea about what you would like us to talk about in the future.  We will conduct the same survey at the Glasgow Breakfast next Friday.  After that, we will be preparing a calendar for future events

The most popular topics chosen were Blogging, Google Analytics, and Video for Business, all of which polled the same number of requests.  We will be covering all of these topics in the near future.  We did do Blogging as recently as September 2014, so we thought we might leave it a couple of months before we revisit the topic.  Google Analytics is something we will do soon, however for logistical reasons it is not possible to do this in March.  That leaves Video for Business, which we have chosen to do in March

Video is becoming increasingly relevant and useful within social media.  The introduction of 4G mobile services, and much better high speed broadband coverage are making it much easier to upload and consume video content.  However, other influences such as the massive popularity of viral campaigns like the “Ice Bucket Challenge” in a way have educated many more people about how to capture and upload video content to social media channels.  We believe this too has had an impact on the increasing popularity of video.

However, it’s not just about viral charity campaigns, video is a powerful tool for business, it can get very real and credible messages to your community.  It is also extremely useful for breaking down barriers and introducing yourself to potential new clients and customers.

Neither is video just about YouTube.  There are many ways you can use video effectively across many platforms, the New Media Breakfast session will explore some of the cost effective ways you can use video to extend the reach of your messages. 

At the March New Media Breakfast, we will explore some of the ways to capture and use video content without blowing the whole marketing budget.  We will also look at how other companies are using it in innovate ways to create engagement and to get valuable messages to their communities.

If you are looking for new methods for reaching existing clients, or exploring better ways to reach a new audience, you should come along and see if video is something that can help you communicate in the future.


Gordon White, Managing Director, fatBuzz will present this session.


Venue: Tigerlily, George Street, Edinburgh

Date: Thursday 12th March 2015

Time: 7.45am for 8:00am


We hope you can make it along to this event. If so, I look forward to seeing you on the day.
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