Edinburgh - Next Edinburgh Event

Date: Thursday 30th August 2018
Time: 7:30am for 8:00am
Venue: Tigerlilly, George Street, Edinburgh
Video: How to make it work for your business


Without doubt, video is one of the most effective and powerful forms of communication, all of the statistics show the increasing consumption of video content across almost every online platform and on business websites.  We have reached a point where it is difficult for any business to ignore video content as part of the marketing mix, yet many companies are still resisting the move to video.

Everyone has it literally within their grasp to embrace video and make it work effectively for them; It’s never been easier to capture, edit and publish compelling content and at the August New Media Breakfast we’ll be looking at ways that you can do this, even on a very modest budget.  We will also explore different types of video and how they can be used to achieve specific outcomes.

Of course, creating the video is only the start, how do you get it in front of the right people?  It’s a long time since YouTube were the only players in town; Facebook openly promotes that video content gets preference in news feeds and LinkedIn is actively encouraging greater use of video content within personal profiles, LinkedIn Articles and in status updates.  Indeed, all of the major platforms are promoting greater use of video content and live video streaming.  So, there are many places to share your videos, we will look at how to decide the best places for your to reach your target audience and increase the number of relevant views.  We will also look at how you can optimise your videos for search and how you can use analytics to learn about the viewing experience and improve the effectiveness of the content you will create in the future.

Twitter is also pushing along with its Periscope live streaming service and will continue to improve what is already a powerful and effective tool. Instagram is also focusing on video and it is anticipated that LinkedIn will offer Live Video in the near future, so it’s not hard to see why this medium is an important part of the marketing toolkit.

The August New Media Breakfast will look at what’s happening with video, in particular the type of video that is easily accessible to everyone.  We will take a look at what’s new and provide examples of how simple video content can produce powerful and compelling results.


Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in marketing or promoting a business, charitable organisation or event. Marketers, influencers, educators, business owners, brand managers and promoters will all find something useful at the August New Media Breakfast. If you would like some ideas about how video can get your message out there and how to find your audience, you should attend this session.


The breakfast session will be presented by Gordon White and perhaps other members of the fatBuzz team. You can view Gordon’s profile here.

We hope you can make it along to this event. If so, I look forward to seeing you on the day. If you have found this post interesting please share it with your online community. Thank You.