Edinburgh - Next Edinburgh Event

Date: Monday 22nd February 2018
Time: 7:30am for 8:00am
Venue: Tigerlilly, George Street, Edinburgh
GDPR - Continuing the journey to compliance


The focus of the September 2017 session on GDPR was based around data handling and compliance where companies had to start evaluating all data stored to fully understand the difference between business and personal data.

In the February 2018 session the focus will be to look at the other aspect of GDPR compliance which is data security. How can a small or medium sized business ensure the greatest level of security to minimise the risk of a data breach?

Many organisations implement a password policy to ensure that a high level of security is implemented however do our employees find ways to cheat the system?

With Verizon (2016) reporting that 63% of data breaches being directly due to weak passwords, how can small and medium organisations continue to work to reduce this current risk.

This presentation will show some results of recent projects where real passwords have been cracked to highlight the importance of informing users of their responsibility to protect data as well as some techniques that can be used to beat the cyber attackers.


We are also delighted to welcome Chris Smith who will talk to us about their Data Managnt platform that allows you to easily manage all of the data that you store. The fastest and easiest way for your business to be GDPR compliant, PORT connects to the services you already love to make your personal data meet the requirements of the new laws. It’s quick, easy, and lets you get on with your business.

Chris will demonstrate how the platform works and how you can adopt it as a tool to ensure your business is compliant with GDPR.

Who Should Attend

Anyone representing a business who wants to find out whether, and how, GDPR will affect them after May 2018.


The breakfast session will be presented by Lorraine Mills, Consultant, NVT Group and Chris Smith from PORT.im

We hope you can make it along to this event. If so, I look forward to seeing you on the day. If you have found this post interesting please share it with your online community. Thank You.